35 Things Traveling Has Taught Me

Dreams do come true

Be spontaneous

You can never travel to much

Wisdom and comprehension of cultures       

Live in the moment


To be confident

Be grateful

Be open-minded

How important it is to unplug from our electronic devices

Appreciate the little things


What it really means to be FREE

That I have the power to pave the way for others

Traveling is a necessity

To be an extrovert

Makes me unapologetic about pursuing my dreams

Have patience

The world really isn’t that scary

You’re never alone. That is so true. Just because you’re traveling solo doesn’t mean you’re alone. There’s people all around you. Traveling solo has allowed me to meet some truly amazing people that I otherwise would not have if I was traveling with friends or family. When you’re traveling with others the focus is on them. You seldom see the person standing or sitting next to you. I learn a great deal from the locals and other travelers.   Believe it or not, they are just as interested in learning about you as you are about them. It’s a great way to enrich yourself into new cultures.

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Helped me appreciate the value of experiences over stuff

Enhanced my creativity

How to be flexible

Rediscover myself

Embraced life’s journeys


To escape from my comfort zone ever now and again

There are good people in this world

How to rely on my own intuition

It humbles you

Do what makes me happy

Not to allow the opinions of others to dictate my life choices. Oh, boy! How many of us have fallen victim to that? Me, me, meeee! People’s opinions can literally assassinate your dreams, confidence and courage, in – a – second! It can be a death trap if you’re not a strong-minded person. I have determined, that no one knows what’s best for my life, better than me. Doesn’t mean I don’t value people opinions, I do. I just rather they keep them to themselves if it has anything to do with my personal life

Set the boundaries in your life and stick to it!


Be Adventurous



The value of  where I invest my time

To be independent

Overcome the fear of being alone

Gave me more perspective on what’s really important in life


It’s a gift! Traveling is one of the best gifts that I’ve given myself in a very long time. It’s a gift that I can pass down to my kids and grandkids. A gift that I can enjoy every time I look at my travel photos and videos. A gift that makes me smile when my life is on a roller coaster. A gift that has taken me to another level of appreciation and gratitude. It’s a gift that will never be placed in a charitable donation box or tossed in a hot summer attic. It’s a gift that will be forever engraved in my memory. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. – one that I get to share with you.


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