The Grotto

Part 3

A place of solitude, peace, and prayer.

The Grotto is a Catholic outdoor shrine and sanctuary that welcomes all faiths and religions. It is the ideal place for a person to go that needs quiet time to pray, meditate on God’s word or even your life. It is an inviting destination to all. The Grotto is truly a place of solitude.

The Grotto is built on a promise of a little boy that prayed to God to spare his mom’s life that was near death that he would one day carry out a great work for the Church. I am sure his journey to fulfill his promise was not without challenges. However, I believed he was a man of perseverance, single-mindedness, and faith that he believed in God every step of the way. Because of his faith, we have The Grotto to enjoy today and many years to come.

The Grotto

Chapel of Mary

Statue of Jesus

The plaza level features the heart of the shrine, Mary, mother of Jesus as she is holding him in her arms after his crucifixion. The memorial sits in a cave that was carved out of the face of a cliff over 95 years ago. The cave is massive in size approximately 30 feet wide and 50 feet high.  You are free to walk the grounds of The Grotto on your own or join a free guided tour. The Grotto is approximately 62 acres so you might want to bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

If you are still not relaxed and feeling restored spiritually by the time you make it to the upper-level botanical garden, don’t worry, the Meditation Chapel will help get you there. In front of the chapel is a peaceful reflecting pool. Leading you to the entrance of the chapel, where oversize lounge chairs await you to relax in as you unwind and meditate while taking in expansive views of Mount Saint Helens and the Columbia River Valley.

If you can peel yourself out of the lounge chairs, there are beautiful rose gardens, lined with hostas and other exotic plants as well as ponds just mere feet away for your continuous enjoyment.

St. Francis of Assisi

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of La Vang

Rose Garden 

If you have a few more sins to confess and need an altar to lay them upon I highly recommend visiting the little red chapel in the back of the forest. I think that is the perfect location to leave your sins at.

St. Anne Chapel

Servites Monastery

The Grotto was the first spiritual outdoors setting that I have experienced and it was wonderful. I find It almost impossible to convey to you the experience you will have here. I could never paint you a vivid picture of something so extraordinary. Beautiful giant fir trees surround this place of restoration, lush botanic plants and flowers bursting with beautiful shades of pinks, yellows, and blues. The petals of the hydrangea flowers are enormous and bursting with color. Every plant and tree are thriving so well here. When your life is in a peaceful environment, you flourish.

To be continued…

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    1. I hope you get a chance to go someday. Pack a sack lunch because you’ll be there all day! It’s a beautiful serene place.

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