Heceta Head Lighthouse 

Part 4

The Heceta Head Lighthouse has been around for over a hundred years. It is perched some 200 feet above the ocean on a headland. What is a headland, Tiffany? A headland is land surrounded by water on three sides. Chilling to know that you are standing on something that is almost completely surrounded by water. We remember how the Devil’s Punchbowl was made, right? Water packs a real punch!  I tried very hard not to think about what the ocean was stirring up beneath my feet as I was standing so innocently oohing and aahing over all the natural wonders I saw along the Oregon coastline. 

This lighthouse is said to be the most photographed lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, and I understand why. It is stunning as well as everything around it. The Oregon Coast had many lighthouses to choose from and several nearby but when I saw a picture of the Heceta Head Lighthouse and its picturesque backdrop I knew I had to see it.  You can hike up to the lighthouse from the beach for a closer view. I opted not too! My kneecaps were already on fire from hiking down to Devil’s Churn and back up.  I will make sure the next time I visit Oregon to pack a tube of Bengay Cream and a few Icy Hot patches. Hell, a knee brace too! Ha! There are walking trails to adventure out on that offer exceptional views of the crashing waves below. If you get a chance to go someday, I would love to hear all about your experience. 

The lower beach area is beautiful. That is where most of my time was spent exploring the rocky shoreline and caves. Have you ever been  to a beach that had the forest as a backdrop? What about caves to explore? The views here are more than what my little mind could have imagined seeing. I could have spent the whole day here exploring. I was able to find some unique black rocks and the largest clamshell I have ever seen. I was a bit reserved when it came to going deep into the caves. Wasn’t sure what was lurking in the dark corners.  I know next time to take a flashlight so I can explore those dark spots and see what amazing sea life or sea creature that might be hiding inside.

Something else I enjoyed about the Oregon Coast is the endless amount of wildlife viewing spots. A few miles north of the lighthouse I witness a pod of about 25-30 whales putting on the best aquatic show I have ever seen. Flipping, splashing and sailing their way across the ocean. I heard from an onlooker that they were headed down to Baja from Canada.  I must say that I was delighted to be there to cheer them on as they made their long journey down the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

I was not expecting the shoreline to be so rocky so use caution when exploring. I found some of the rocks to be very slippery, and we know the ocean is unpredictable. I learned that the hard way walking around Devil’s Churn.  I have never visited so many places that had the devil, witches, or voodoo in its name. Hmmm, random thought.

My time at Heceta Head Lighthouse was cut short when the fog came rolling in. Visitability was not great, so I retreated back to my hotel room in the small town of Tigard.

To be continued…


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    1. Thanks for following along. I enjoy so much sharing my experience with you and my other faithful followers. I have been sick and unable to write the last week but I am feeling better and I hope to have another post up Sunday. Thanks!

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