Road Trip of a Lifetime

Three thousand one hundred forty-nine miles of epic scenery, natural wonders, and endless solitude. Just living in the moment and feeling so alive! I journeyed through six states over nine days visiting seven national parks, national monuments and roadside attractions – solo. I slept in a car, peed in a forest and ate corn chips and beef jerky for breakfast. Ha!

My first big road trip was from San Francisco to Big Sur, Ca. It was only a three-hour drive, but it was the best three-hour drive of my life. I remember that day so vividly – super excited! Stoked to drive down the iconic Highway 1 through twisting, cliff-hugging routes with towering mountains all around me to the blue majestic Pacific Ocean calling me with its beautiful roar as the waves crashed against the cliffs. My little eyes sparkled as I looked around in awe of the blissful untainted land nature at its finest. Oh, Big Sir! I love you. Big Sir is still the most beautiful place my eyes have ever seen.

Since that trip, I have wanted to take a solo road trip across this great country that we inhabit. I wanted to know what it felt like to cross multiple borders while watching the terrain change in an array of colors. To see mountain peaks, kiss the sky. To experience the uniqueness that each state had to offer. To smell fresh air or not so fresh air but be open to what it delivered. To stretch out my arm to freedom listening to the wind make music between my fingers. To stop on the side of the road and snap pictures to my heart’s content. To speed into the horizon bellowing to the top of my lungs FRReeDOM! To navigating across landscapes without fear. To be entirely in control and unattached to someone else’s agenda. To having epic experiences that solely belonged to me and me only. I wanted this trip to be meaningful, adventurous and full of memorable moments that I can look back on someday and be very proud of myself for being so brave. Memories that left me speechless – breathless and teary-eyed with the most significant and most epic feeling of accomplishment. This trip yielded that and so much more!

Did you know that traveling can lead you to experiences and place that can completely transform your life? Traveling has taught me to slow down, to breathe, to meditate and live in the moment. In this fast-past technology-driven world we live in it is so hard to unplug and enjoy life’s moments. This trip allowed me to get lost in the right place and truly experience living in the moment. I felt freedom. I felt alive. I felt purpose. I felt creativity resurrect inside of me. I felt awareness – consciousness to the now. My mind was in a very peaceful and healthy place. My focus was only on the present – not work, not family and not the life I left behind. Sometimes we get comfortable in life and routine that we forget to live, and we merely exist. I am speaking to you from personal experience…

Over the last four years of traveling – solo. I have seen the therapeutic benefits of traveling and understand the importance of changing the routine of my daily life. New experiences revive me and spark my soul on fire. It prompts me to take care of Tiffany. To reconnect to the very fabric that makes me who I am. To re-experience what makes me feel the most alive. To dream again, to laugh again and to be present! It reminds me that my happiness is what is most important in life after God that is. That if I do not add newness or adventure to my life I will become stagnant. It also reminds me how precious and valuable my life and time is. This trip had me floating on a cloud of perfection miles away from my ordinary life – free and whole again. Have you ever felt like that before? What keeps the fire burning in your soul? How do you like to recharge your life? What do you do to take care of YOU?

This trip was one of the best and most meaningful birthday gifts I have ever given myself. It was undoubtedly the road trip of a lifetime and one that I will cherish forever. I look forward to the day I share my stories with my sweet grandbabies. I hope it is around a beautiful campfire.

” This heart of mines was meant to travel this world”

~ Unknown

3 thoughts on “Road Trip of a Lifetime”

  1. Tiffany,
    You are discovering who you are going down all the highways this Nation has to offer. I’m so excited to read about more adventures and experiences you have in the near future.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Whereistiffany

      I am discovering myself and I love this journey that I’m on. It almost scares me at times to be this happy and to have my mind at peace. But I had to walk away from something that I THOUGHT I couldn’t live without. Smh if I knew it would have yielded such a good return I would have walked away a long time ago but we live and we learn, right! Thank you so much for following my stories. Photo gallery coming soon! I’m excited to be learning something new and will embrace the grey hairs with open arms. Lol

  2. What a great story, Tiffany. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to take a solo road trip! You are so encouraging and inspiring. I look forward to hearing more of your epic adventures.

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