Happy Birthday Bray’Lyn

Happy Birthday Bray’Lyn

Happy birthday, BFF! Bray’Lyn you are one of the most loving little guys that I know. I am so grateful that God gifted you to your parents and me four years ago today. You have filled our lives and hearts with joy and unconditional love from the day you were born.

After your first birthday, I told your mom that I did not want to fill your life with STUFF but rather gift you memories. And I have been faithful to my word. For your second birthday, your mom, dad and I took you to Disney World and the beach where you splashed and played in the water for hours, chased seagulls and they chased you! This trip was extra special because the beach we took you too was the very first beach your mom and I had visited two years prior.

For your second birthday, we made a long road trip down to one of the best waterparks in the U.S., Schlitterbahn! You had a blast, and so did your mom and I. We enjoyed watching you play for hours sliding off the backs of turtles, out of the mouths of frogs and the tounges of whales. The only thing that could slow you down was your favorite sandwich – peanut butter! One year later and it is still your favorite sandwich. You also enjoyed your first dolphin tour as well. I will never forget the glow and excitement on your face as the dolphins danced and flipped alongside our boat. Seeing the world through your eyes has been an enjoyable experience and will never be forgotten.

We are celebrating your fourth birthday on the west coast this year so that you, your sister and mom can experience what I felt two years ago when I visited Sunny California. You may not remember these places because you are so young but do not worry, Ti Ti has tons of pictures and videos to spark your memory.

I am humbled and grateful that you got to experience the beach and traveling at a very young age. I grew up with just the necessities and traveling only happened in my dreams. I hope the seeds that I have planted in you over the years, and now your sister grows into something beautiful. I pray that as you both grow up to be adults that you choose memories over stuff. Ti Ti promises you that the memories and experiences will last a lot longer than toys and stuff. I also pray that you always love God, follow your dreams, and travel often.

I love you, Bray’Lyn
July 4, 2018

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