Her Name is Grace

Her Name is Grace

I bought an RV!

Her name is Grace. She’s a 2018 Thor Gemini 23TR.

Why did you buy an RV, Tiffany? Do you know how to drive it? Have you slept in it? Do you plan on living in it?

I started traveling solo five years ago after walking away from a toxic relationship. After the breakup, I knew I needed a change from the dull life I was living and do something adventurous even if it was for only one week out of the year, I needed to soar. Three years later that one week turned into two-three weeks a year. I enjoyed my new-found freedom and craved more of it. I needed to experience more beauty, more charm and more adventure that this world had to offer. I started planning my next trip before returning home from my current one. I would schedule my travels around holidays and weekends which allowed me more time to travel and go further. But it also meant I had more expenses, so I had to come up with a solution to make more money or save more money.

At that time, I wasn’t keened on working more hours to fund my travels, so I started researching ways to drastically cut my monthly expenses. I was considering downsizing to a tiny house and in my research; I stumble upon travel trailers (and how to live a minimal lifestyle which led me to sell over 94% of my possessions). I thought it would be the perfect compromise to travel in, live in and to save money and I could take more family trips too! I spent the last couple of years visiting dealerships attending RV shows as well as connecting with other RVers to learn as much as I could about travel trailers and RV living. One day I met another solo female traveler that lived full time in her motorhome, and after spending time with her, I knew a motorhome would be the perfect fit for me.

Travel trailers are an excellent recreational vehicle, but I love the convenience of a motorhome. To go from the cab to the bed – not having to go outside to hitch or unhitch sold me. When I arrive at a campground all I have to do is plug in my electrical cord and water hose! If I’m boondocking, I turn on my generator or batteries for power – crawl in the bed or plop on the couch to relax. I have been pretty lucky in the campgrounds that I’ve stayed in so far, I didn’t have to level my RV but wasn’t as fortunate went I boondocked for the first time. I was a few days in my camping trip when a rainstorm suddenly swept in and washed away the gravel, I was parked on so I had to dig out the leveling blocks. All in all, I still love the convenience of my motorhome and the ease of not having to exit my vehicle when I pull over at a rest stop at night for a bio break. I am not a fan of traveling at night and try to avoid it at all cost but sometimes it unavoidable.

Smooth, comfortable, easy to drive. The only challenge I had when I first drove Grace is looking over my shoulder to switch lanes like I do in my car. I have no back windows in my RV, so the only thing I saw was my refrigerator and stove. Ha! I quickly had to learn to rely on the rearview cameras and extra-large side mirrors for switching lanes, backing up and parking. If you have ever driven an SUV or small U-Haul van or truck with cargo that’s how it feels driving Grace. I have a diesel engine, so I glide down the highway and up hills with ease.

Something else I had to adjust to is the longer time it takes to get somewhere in an RV vs. a car. If it takes you four hours to reach a destination in your car add at least one to two extra hour to your time to get there in an RV. I set out on a 16-hour road trip that took me two days to complete. Luckily, I found a beautiful RV park on my route to retreat for the night. In my next post, I’ll share the 1100-mile drive I took to sleep in the desert for nine days with complete strangers.

Could I really live in an RV? Hmmm

“We Must Take Adventures to Know Where We Truly Belong”


6 thoughts on “Her Name is Grace

  1. I’m beyond excited for you!!! I love your choice of motor home too! Many happy trails ahead! ❤️❤️

    1. Thank you, Janine. Means a lot to me. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can go camping. ?

  2. I’m excited for you girl! I love hearing about your travels. I’m planning a trip this summer in my tiny teardrop trailer.

    1. Thank you, Pat. I appreciate you following along. I got behind on writing because I was traveling. I plan on sitting still for a few months so hopefully, I can get caught up. I’ve missed writing so much. Oh, that sounds like fun. Those teardrop trailers are so cute!!! ? Where do you plan on going?

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