The Grotto

Part 3 A place of solitude, peace, and prayer. The Grotto is a Catholic outdoor shrine and sanctuary that welcomes all faiths and religions. It is the ideal place for a person to go that needs quiet time to pray, meditate on God’s word or even your life. It is an inviting destination to all. …

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Haystack Rock

Part 1 On the plane, off she goes, again! I can’t believe it’s been four years since the “break-up” and traveling solo. Check out my story to hear how a horrible breakup sparked my love for traveling. If you would have asked me four years ago, where my life would be today, traveling and doing …

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Colorado is one beautiful state. It has a diverse landscape of rocky mountains, wildlife, lush forests, and tons more to satisfy any nature-lovers appetite. Whether you stay in Denver, Colorado Springs or some of the other surrounding cities, you will have plenty of opportunities to enrich yourself in some of its beauty. I called Denver …

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California has some amazing escapes and beautiful urban oasis. It’s a surfer’s paradise and a connoisseur’s playground. Let’s not forget its Redwood forests, beautiful ocean coastline and home to the most national historic landmarks known to man. I’m in love with California and hope burns inside of me that I will return to this magical …

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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls One of the best parts of traveling is experiencing something for the very first time.  I had always heard that the Niagara Falls was big but it wasn’t until I stood before it that its actual size became apparent. Seeing the Falls for the very first time was astonishing.  A great wonder that I stood …

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