Bath and Foot Soaks


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Indulge in a lavish spa day within the sanctuary of your home with any of the four opulent handmade baths and foot soaks. Submerge yourself in a warm bath infused with a captivating aroma, allowing your mind to unwind and your stressful day to dissolve into oblivion within moments!

Experience the purity of nature with Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, and a blend of Essential Oils, all carefully selected for their unique benefits.

  • Jasmine + Patchouli – Bath Soak
  • Tropical Paradise – Bath Soak 
  • Floral Sensation – Bath Soak 
  • Orange + Peppermint – Foot Soak

Description: Bath salts are not just a luxury but a gateway to numerous benefits; they soothe the mind, alleviate muscle discomfort and fatigue, diminish stress, enhance skin hydration, and purify the body from within.

Use: Pour 1/4 – 1/2 cup of bath soak under warm, running bath water, and allow the salt to completely dissolve before soaking for 15-20 minutes.

Dead Sea Salt is a natural remedy for detoxifying, nourishing, healing, and cleansing your skin. It’s an effective natural treatment for psoriasis relief.

Epsom Salt: It helps to relax and de-stress the body, relieve muscular pain and aches, and soothes minor sprains and bruises. It treats post-workout swelling, cleans the skin, and removes harmful toxins.

Himalayan Pink Salt is an excellent exfoliant for the skin. It removes old skin cells and flushes out toxins, keeping your skin looking soft and healthy. It also reduces inflammation, soothes muscle aches, and promotes relaxation.

Baking soda is a natural antiseptic that has many benefits for the body. It can help to relieve swelling and soothe itching and irritation caused by eczema and psoriasis. Baking soda is also known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties, which can help to boost our immunity. It’s an effective treatment for fungal infections under toenails and skin.




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Bath and Foot Soaks

Floral Garden Bath Soak, Tropical Paradise Bath Soak, Jasmine + Patchouli Bath Soak, Orange + Peppermint Foot Soak

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