* NEW Floral Symphony Wax Melt 3-Pack Bundle – LIMITED



Lilac Gardens:

Lilac gardens is a delicate, fresh, spring-like floral note

Magnolia Blossoms:

Magnolia blossom is a delightful combination of sweet and floral notes, accompanied by a comforting creaminess

Pure Jasmine:

Pure Jasmine has a rich, sweet, and sensual scent that is both feminine and masculine, making it highly irresistible



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Experience the joy of three exclusive bundle scents – Lilac Gardens, Magnolia Blossoms, and Pure Jasmine. Don’t miss out on these limited-edition wax melts while supplies last. Indulge in these three blissful aromas and elevate your senses.


All wax melts are hand-poured in individual batches, ensuring a quality product every time. I use 100% soy wax, all-natural essential oils, or fragrance oils. Free from Toxins and Phthalates; Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Each wax melt pack is 2.8 – 3.0 oz with six cubes and comes in a reusable/recyclable container. Break off as much or as little wax as you need for your warmer.


– Use a warmer designed for wax melts

 – Do not add water to your warmer

– Break off as much or as little wax as you need for your warmer. Burning 1 of the cubes will last roughly two days. 

 – Wait until wax is cooled to remove wax for disposal

 – When you’re ready to add a new scent, clean out your wax warmer with a cotton ball or paper towel to soak up the     wax



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